Darwin Estacio Martínez
1982, Manzanillo City, Cuba. Lives and works in Havana
Email: drwnestacio@gmail.com

2011- Postgrade in “Microsociology” at University of Arts (ISA). Havana.
Studes in “Simbolic Production” at University of Arts (ISA). Havana.
2007- Graduated from University of Arts (ISA). Havana.
2001- Graduate from El Alba Fine Arts Academy, Holguín City.

Solo Shows
2015- “Paintings of their Kind”, Lois Lambert Gallery, Santa Monica, California, USA
2009- “Inventory” at Ludwig Foundation of Cuba, Havana.
2007- “Nothing less than Painting”. Carmelo González Gallery at House of Culture in Plaza municipality, Havana.
2006- “From Granada to Havana”. La Madriguera Gallery, AHS, Havana.
2001- “Liberations” at Art Center, Holguín City.

Group Shows
2015-”Fresh painting II”. Havana Gallery, Havana.
”The silence before the storm II”. (Zona Franca Project) Morro Cabaña, during Havana 12th Biennale.
“ZIP”, Artist 718 Gallery. Havana.
“To border the myth”. Ruben Martínez Villena Gallery, (UNEAC) during 24th International Books Fairs, Havana.
2014- “The silence before the storm”. Benito Juárez Museum,.Havana.
“Salty Water” at Hispanoamerican Art Center, Havana.
2013- “Post- it”, 1st Edition. at Galiano Gallery. Havana
“Habited Zone”, at Open House in street 24 / 23 and 25. Vedado. Havana
“The young ones” at Galería Cubana, Boston & Provincetown. Massachusetts,USA
“Open” at Luz y Oficios Art Center, Havana.
2012- “Pop Color” at Miramar Trade Center Gallery, Havana
“Surviving the summer” at San Alejandro Fine Arts Academy during Havana 11th Biennale.
“Variable Dimensions” at Center of Development or Visual Arts (CDAV).Havana
2011- “Junge Szene Kuba” at Kulturzentrum Pasinger Fabrik”, Muenchen,Germany
“Life Style” at Luz & Suarez del Villar Gallery, Madrid, Spain
2010- “The Travelling Artwork”, at Galerie Lauriergrcht 160. Amsterdam.Holland
“The bullet extreme” at Cuba Pavillion, Havana
2009- “Training Area” at Polyvalent Room, during Havana 10th Biennale
2007- “Built Situation” at University of Arts (ISA) Havana
2006- “Brief instant over the crest of a wave”. At House of Asia Gallery, Old Havana, Havana
2005- “Noise in the water”, at Alejandro Humboldt Museum, Havana
“Apostles during the 4th Dinner” at Romerias de mayo At Festival in UNEAC Gallery, Holguin City
2004- “Making off” at Cuba Pavilion. Havana
2003- “Rains it Pours” at University of Arts (ISA). During Havana 8th Biennale
2000- “10 de Octubre Salon”. Manzanillo. (UNEAC mention, Salon mention)
1998- “VI- Salon David”. Students National Salon in Santiago de Cuba (Mention)
2014- Professor in the University of Arts (ISA) Methodology of the Investigation in the Artistic Process
2007- Professor in the National Fine Arts Academy, San Alejandro, Havana

2012- “A warm investigation” at University of Arts (ISA) during Havana 11th Biennale
2009- Theoretical workshop at University of Arts (ISA) during Havana 10th Biennale
“Inventory” at Ludwig Foundation of Cuba, Havana

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